Crimping grain at Belarusian agricultural enterprises has a number features:

• actual moisture of crimped grain is below 35 %. Thus a considerable part of grain is crimped in our country at moisture content below 30 %;

• considerable pollution of the grain. Some buyers use grain-crimpers as units for utilization of grain wastes and weeds. In our practice the was a case when a client used a crimper mill for processing the grain containing up to 40 % of rubbish;

• a low purchasing capacity of agricultural enterprises defining big workloads on the machines;

• processing big quantities of grain. For Belarus 2 thousand tons of crimped grain is a regular state of things, for Europe it is not usual, it’s a fly in amber. Our work on sales and service of Renn (Canada) and Мurska (Finland) crimper mills has shown that for the Belarusian conditions a manufactured in Europe Belarusian crimper mill is required.

The offered by us on the markets of Kazakhstan, Russia as well as Ukraine crimper mill «giedras» (mill for crimping grain, grain-crimping mill) has perfectly proved in work in uneasy conditions of grain-crimping in Belarus. The concept of these mills consists in uniting in the same machine:

• configurations of the subassemblies and roller size of Мurska crimper mills;

• geometry of grain-catching cuttings of rollers of Renn roller mills;

• new solutions from our company, namely: systems of compulsory grain humidification to 35 %; devices of roller protection from braking by the crimped product accumulating in the bottom part; an integral design of roller axis «from the bearing to the bearing» with installation of three internal rigidity flanges in the rollers, etc.

Тechnical characteristics

giedras 700 CB (trailer)

giedras 1400 CB (trailer)

moisture of crimped grain, %10 - 5010 - 50
real output capacity, t/h

9 - 12 *15 - 25 *
5 - 6 **10 - 15 **
20 - 25 ***40 - 50 ***
weight (with an additional hopper (AH), a discharge elevator (DE) and wheels (W) for 1400), t 0,932,586
height (with AH, W for 1400 and without DE), mm 1 1202 700
height (with AH, W for 1400 and DE), mm 2 300 2 700
width (without W for 1400), mm 1 3102 442
width (with W for 1400), mm2 3802 740
length (with and without AH), mm 1 8703 630
width of AH, mm 2 380 2 054
width with AH (without W for 1400), mm 2 3802 442
width of AH (with W for 1400), mm 2 3802 740
volume of basic hopper, m30,31,3
volume of additional hopper, m32,24,0
tractor's PTO drive, kW/RPM50/54075/540
electric drive, kW
on ordernot available
cardan shaft
1 3/8" (6 splines)1 3/4" (6 splines)
driven roller drive
hydraulic trailer
on order
quantity of rollers, pcstwofour
roller size, m
0,7 х 0,30,7 х 0,3
usage with bagger
on orderon order
height of discharge elevator, mm
3 4404 080
* for dry spiked cereals, ** for high moisture spiked cereals, *** for maize (by maize rollers)

We place orders for assembly parts of «giedras» mills in European Union countries. The body frame of the crimper mills is made in Estonia; the rollers are made in Finland, the system of rollers adjustment and the hydraulic chassis are made in Belgium. The machines are assembled at a factory belonging to a Belgian company in Estonia. Our grain crimpers do not concede or surpass the Finnish mills in quality, but the cost makes 70-80 % from that of the Finnish machines in a similar complete set.

We accompany deliveries by the following services and goods:

• free supply of buyers with scientifically-methodical literature. Training and consultation of buyer employees of the technique of crimping grain and preserving it by efforts of permanent members of staff and scientific advisers of our company up to sending them to the customer (with monthly control of preserved grain condition);

• providing the buyers of our crimper mills with additional options: more efficient system of water and preservative adding and dosing; cassette sets of rollers; replaceable sets of maize rollers; crimped grain baggers, and also silage bags;

• providing the buyers with the best European chemical (organic acids based) preservative for crimped grain Promyr containings 17-23 %% propionic acid, and also the best European biological preservative for crimped grain Biocrimp with high content of lactic bacteria strains.