The giedras LOG DK log cutter, with its robust construction and reliable components, ensures quick and high quality firewood splitting. The log cutter is attached to a tractor coupling mechanism using a 3-point connection and is driven by the power take-off shaft. The working part is an extremely strong steel guillotine ax of a special form that simultaneously cuts and splits. Removable conveyor helps to transport chopped firewood into a pile or on a trailer. If there is a need to move the log cutter, it is easy to do so without removing it from the tractor. Another useful element is the trailer (pulling hook), which allows you to transport the loaded logs to the final destination.



Produced in the EU, relevant high quality of execution and assembly!



modeldescriptionconveyormax. log diameter, сmlength of log cutting, сmweight, kgmeasures (LхWхH), m
giedras LOG DK34Clog cutter with a discharge conveyor3,4 м2030, 40, 505801,13x1,37x3,7