The hydraulic wood splitter giedras WOOD GK, which has a solid construction and reliable mechanism, ensures quick and high quality firewood splitting. It's suitable for professional firewood splitting. Our company offers a wide range of different variants of splitters. Hydraulic separation machine giedras GK instantly copes with logs, which previously it was almost impossible to cut with the help of a wedge and a cleaver. With the help of our hydraulic dividing machine, the work will be accurate and safe, and the resulting firewood - clean and undamaged. The main assembly of our machines is a powerful chopping module, the force of the impact of which to the log is 7.5 tons. For many years it has proved its failure-free performance and reliability at work. Our splitters can be offered both in a stationary version, with a support (three-point installation), and in the mobile version, which implies their installation on a trailer. All splitters include a Hardox blade for chopping in 2 or 4 pieces (a 6-piece blade is possible as an option). The maximum length of logs is 107 cm, but it is also possible to adjust for a shorter length. It is possible for use some models to work on an electric or a gasoline engine.



Produced in the EU, relevant high quality of execution and assembly!


modeldescriptionwork onsplitting force, tblade hight adjustmenthydraulic log liftingmeasures (LхWхH), mweight, kg
giedras WOOD GK75on pedestaltractor's hydrosystem7,5plungerno2,75x0,73x1,05204
giedras WOOD GK75Lon pedestaltractor's hydrosystem7,5plungeryes2,75x0,73x1,05214
giedras WOOD GK75Mon pedestaltractor's hydrosystem7,5leverno2,75x0,73x1,05211
giedras WOOD GK75MLon pedestaltractor's hydrosystem7,5leveryes2,75x0,73x1,05221
giedras WOOD GK75Hon pedestaltractor's hydrosystem7,5hydraulicsno2,75x0,73x1,05209
giedras WOOD GK75HLon pedestaltractor's hydrosystem7,5hydraulicsyes2,75x0,73x1,05214
giedras WOOD GK75Ton trailertractor's hydrosystem7,5hydraulicsyes4,15x1,57x1,05370
giedras WOOD GK75Eon trailerelectric engine7,5hydraulicsyes4,15x1,57x1,05430
giedras WOOD GK75Pon trailergasoline engine 7,5hydraulicsyes4,15x1,57x1,05430