The sand spreader giedras SAND RP, which has a solid construction and reliable mechanism, can effectively serve slippery roads. Our sand spreaders are attached to a tractor by means of a coupling and work on its hydraulic system. The necessary output of sand is established by means of a special regulator, which can be adjusted according to the needs of an operator. The mixing shaft at the bottom of the spreader hopper crushes and mixes the sand to ensure a uniform supply to the spreading shaft.



Produced in the EU, relevant high quality of execution and assembly!


modeldescriptionworking width, mvolume, m3extensions, m3measures (LхWхH), mweight, kg
giedras SAND RP18S small sand spreader1,81,00,21,12x2,185x1.04560
giedras SAND RP21Mmedium sand spreader2,11,70,31,33x2,485x1,23760
giedras SAND RP21Llarge sand spreader2,12,10,61,43x2,485x1,23815