The snowploughs giedras PLOUGH PS and giedras PLOUGH DPS are the devices with a robust construction and reliable components for effective performance of snow cleaning operations. Our range includes both V-shaped and diagonal snowplows for the tractors of various sizes, forklifts and pick-up trucks. The V-shaped connection pipe has two wings and the equipment, including a diagonal valve, which allows the operator to move parts together or independently. The device is also equipped with a swivel joint, which allows to cope with the changing road surface. The plough of the tractor and the loader is either attached to the clutch of the front loader of the tractor, or connected to the coupling device using a 3-point connection. The device is designed for cleaning the roadway of courtyards, streets, squares, roads and sidewalks from freshly fallen snow and garbage, as well as for the planning non-compressed (loose) bulk soil and backfilling them to trenches and pits.




Produced in the EU, relevant high quality of execution and assembly!


modeldescriptionmax. width, m
giedras PLOUGH PS28BV-shaped snowplough with a BM frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS28KV-shaped snowplough with a BM+3Point frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS28LV-shaped snowplough with an L30 frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS28PV-shaped snowplough with a 3Point frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS28TV-shaped snowplough with a Trima frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS28EV-shaped snowplough with a Euro frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS28SV-shaped snowplough with a SMS frame2,8
giedras PLOUGH PS32BV-shaped snowplough with a BM frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS32KV-shaped snowplough with a BM+3Point frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS32TV-shaped snowplough with a Trima frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS32LV-shaped snowplough with an L30 frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS32PV-shaped snowplough with a 3Point frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS32EV-shaped snowplough with a Euro frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS32SV-shaped snowplough with an SMS frame3,2
giedras PLOUGH PS37BV-shaped snowplough with a BM frame3,7
giedras PLOUGH PS37KV-shaped snowplough with a BM+3Point frame3,7
giedras PLOUGH PS40BV-shaped snowplough with a BM frame4,0
giedras PLOUGH PS40KV-shaped snowplough with a BM+3Point frame4,0
giedras PLOUGH PS30Bdiagonal snowplough with a BM frame3,0
giedras PLOUGH DPS30Tdiagonal snowplough with a Trima frame3,0
giedras PLOUGH DPS30Ldiagonal snowplough with an L30 frame3,0
giedras PLOUGH DPS30Pdiagonal snowplough with a 3Point frame3,0
giedras PLOUGH DPS30Ediagonal snowplough with a Euro frame3,0
giedras PLOUGH DP-3,0Sdiagonal snowplough with an SMS frame3,0
giedras PLOUGH PS23V-shaped snowplough for pick-ups2,3
giedras PLOUGH DPS23diagonal snowplough for pick-ups2,3
giedras PLOUGH PS24V-shaped snowplough for mini-tractors2,4
giedras PLOUGH DPS24diagonal snowplough for mini-tractors2,4