The giedras SNOWFLAKE SO snowblower, owing to its robust construction and reliable mechanism, allows to quickly and efficiently clean the roads from snow. The snowblower has two integrated pipes for the snow release, with the help of which the best results in the release of snow are achieved in the category of its size. The snowblower is attached to the draw bar of the tractor and driven by the tractor's power take-off shaft. The system also includes a protected clutch, which allows to avoid possible damage to the snowblower when operating under difficult conditions. When operating, a V-shaped plow collects the snow and directs it to the center of the blower. From there, it enters the rotor and, depending on the settings of the guiding device, the collected snow is blown to the right or left of the road.



Produced in the EU, relevant high quality of execution and assembly!


modeldescriptionworking width, moutput, m3/min.measures (LхWхH), mweight, kg
giedras SNOWFLAKE SO23hook-on auger and rotor snowblower2,310-151,6x2,3x1,05350